Long weekend ahead…

… and nice weather so far. So we have featured items that you might want for going away and spending some time out in the open – camping or whatever – on our catalogue. Have a look and see how we can help you have some things that might make it possible here.

Or maybe you’ll want to garden, or go out on the canal in a canoe, or get on with the DIY… Lots of stuff in the Library to keep you out of trouble.

Our Mother’s Day week

This week in the build-up to Mother’s Day, we’ve been making suggestions how you could do something for your mother. We started on Monday with gardening:
Instead of cut flowers full of air-miles why not spruce up the garden for your mum? Borrow our tools to help! 55892538_614296199065031_4576261914148995072_o

Next we suggested you could brighten up the car or patio for her by borrowing our pressure washer!55807279_614847445676573_4810528006206390272_n

Then we put it to our members to spend quality time baking together, or bake something for her that she’ll love. Even if you’re not an expert in cupcake decoration, you can make them look great on our lovely cupcake stand! (it’s also perfect for afternoon tea)


Then we asked whether your mum would love to have that pesky DIY task done at last. Give her a treat by getting a job done for her… we have a wide variety of hand and power tools you can borrow…


Finally,  to make the wonderful lady/ies who brought you up feel special by gathering together for some quality family time. We have lots of games and jigsaws to borrow to keep you entertained all afternoon…


And this weekend it now is Mother’s Day, so take up one of our ideas for her. Or see whether we can loan you something you need to do a job for her or give her a treat. Or it doesn’t need to be this weekend, you can do any of these things any day. Look online at our catalogue and see what we’ve got to assist you. SHARE Oxford catalogue

The launch!

We had a great event on Saturday (16th) launching the Library of Things in Oxford. Such a lot of enthusiastic people, and loads of compliments about how well it was all organised, donations of items, offers of volunteering, and general good feelings, from us as volunteers and from those who attended. Thanks to everyone – and more pix to follow!

The cutting of the ribbon:

We made the news!

The Oxford Mail did a nice little piece about last Sunday’s Repair Cafe!

Out of 40 items brought for repair, 30 were made good, a total of some 100 kgs not going into incineration. Some other things will be repaired now their owners know what’s wrong and how. Items ranged from a pair of jeans to bikes and electrical and electronic equipment, tools and knives sharpened, no challenge unaddressed.

But most of all it was another fun day with lots of stuff revived, with lovely people, hopefully with some happy users of the event and all those fabulous volunteer repairers – thanks to them all! (And to Common Ground cafe for hosting us.)



Volunteer fair

Today at the Oxford Hub volunteer fair – lots of people promoting opportunities to do useful things and quite a few people coming looking for them. Had a few interesting conversations putting out the idea of sharing …



It’s not a big space but we’ve finally got some shelving up and the things we already have are stacked, partially sorted, partially inventoried – all progress towards the pilot launch, hopefully in October.

Keep a look out for when we will be open for you to be nosey (= look around) and see what we’ve got and what needs doing (= what you might do with us).

… after July 14th

Finally we have the partitions up around our space in Makespace, somewhere to put safely the items we already have in the Library. And somewhere to put the items that we hope to acquire – by donation or, where necessary, by purchase. Somewhere to be able to get on and work towards the opening – soon! – of the Library.

Saturday July 14th was the day of the official launch of the lovely place where we are, Makespace in Jericho. It was a bit of a rush, and lots of hard work, getting it all ready, clean, organised and looking its best (so far, and hopefully from now on) but the collective effort paid off and many people, both neighbours and many others, came to visit/snoop around/chat/enjoy/see how they could do things with some of the sixteen groups, including ourselves, who operate in Makespace.

We spent all afternoon talking with visitors and had huge amounts of enthusiasm for the idea of SHARE Oxford – we made contacts, had offers of potential donations of items, found a few people who said they’d like to get involved (yes, please), met old friends, and generally came away energised.