To find out more about the concept of a Library of Things and the aims behind it, see our mission page.

Browsing and reserving

You can browse the catalogue of Things in the Library, see if the item you want is there and available when you want it, and book it online. You can look through everything, select categories to refine your search, or search for an item by name.

To borrow from the Library you need to sign up as a member, including signing our Borrower’s Agreement. You should do this online before coming to Library, and you can then reserve items online.


The first time you come to collect something, you’ll have to bring with you proof of who you are and where you live. After that you’ll have a user ID with SHARE Oxford.

Library Memberships

You’ll have to make an account and then take out a membership to use the Library. We endeavour to make the costs of borrowing as fair for you as possible while also providing some regular income for us to continue to run. You can find the details on our Membership page.

Collecting your booked item

When you pick up your booked item, we log the item out, agree with you when you’ll bring it back, make sure you know how to use it, note anything about its condition, etc, and it’s yours to use – and then return for the next person.

Please note that you will be able to renew your loan to use it for longer, but if you return an item late without renewing it, we may charge you a penalty.

Can’t find the item you want?

If we don’t have what you are looking for, you can get in touch – we might be able to get it, or advise you where else you may borrow it. No guarantees – but always worth asking.

Where is the Library?

We are based at Makespace in Jericho, Oxford, 1 Aristotle Lane OX2 6TP. Please see our Contact page for more details.