Business Development Co-ordinator

Thanks to some generous funding from the Funds for Social Change, we are currently looking to appoint a part-time Business Development Co-ordinator to help us grow the Library and increase our impact. We hope to begin this contract in January.

Download the role description for more information on the role and how to apply. Or read below:

Role description for Business Development Co-ordinator at The Library of Things.

At the Library of Things, we are aiming to challenge people’s mindset of ownership in relation to the Earth’s resources. By lending out things, we enable people to buy less stuff, so reducing the amount of unnecessary production and consumption and cutting down on landfill

Since our launch in February 2019, we have grown to 360 registered members and around 450 items in our catalogue. Currently we loan out around 10 items each week.

We have a volunteer leadership team and the Library is currently open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm to 7pm and on Saturday afternoon. We are located at Makespace in Jericho.

Business Development Co-ordinator

We are currently looking to appoint someone to the role of Business Development Co-ordinator to help us grow the Library and increase our impact. We are looking to appoint an individual, rather than a consultancy company, to carry out this role on a freelance basis. We hope to begin this contract in January.

The goals of this role include:

  • Spreading the word about the Library of Things in Oxford
  • Recruiting more members of the Library
  • Generating more revenue for the Library

This role will complement the work of our volunteers. Initial thoughts of how to achieve these aims include:

  • Building relationships with local organisations and institutions to introduce our services to a wider audience of users
  • Constructing a business plan to guide the Library of Things over the next year or two in our goal of reducing consumption-based behaviour.
  • Boosting the number of members and users via a variety of marketing activities, including designing and possibly managing a crowd-funding campaign

The attributes we are looking for include:

  • Share the values of the LoT.
  • Demonstrate an interest in changing the consumption-based behaviour of individuals.
  • Experience in building relationships with organisations.
  • Able to work unsupervised.
  • Flexible approach to working hours and processes.
  • Able to visit prospective partners around the local area.
  • Ability to generate detailed reports on progress.


We are offering a contract of 15 hrs per week for 22 weeks at a rate of £20 per hour. This will be paid monthly to detailed invoices, specifying hours worked and tasks carried out. Total value of this contract is £6,600. Reasonable expenses, agreed in advance, will be reimbursed. There is the possibility of extending this role depending on the results achieved.

The role holder will report to a member of the Leadership  team on a regular basis and will give a report each month to the SHARE Oxford team. They will be expected to outline the work they intend to do in advance, to enable us to avoid them duplicating work already being undertaken by volunteers. 

In addition, they will be expected to document their activities in sufficient detail that a volunteer may take over these activities at the end of the project. We have allowed for a maximum of 8 hours effort at the end of the project to prepare a handover document and presentation.

We anticipate that the person carrying out this role will be mainly home-based and is welcome to be in the Library of Things when we are open or by arrangement with our volunteers.

There will be a review of the performance of the person in this role after three weeks to determine that both parties are satisfied with progress being made and that procedures are being followed.

Applying for this role

We would love to hear from you if you share our passion to change people’s buying habits and would like to contribute to increasing our impact in the local area.

In the first instance, for an informal chat and to discuss more details you are encouraged to contact Maurice Herson on or 07767 667890.

To put yourself forward, please email your CV along with a short proposal (no more than one page of  A4) for achieving the outcomes of this project to by the 2nd 6th of January. We expect your submission to include your initial thoughts including possible financial targets.

We plan to hold interviews in mid-January 2020 and for the successful candidate to start in as soon as possible after that.