To find out more about the concept of a Library of Things and the aims behind it, see our mission page.

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Perhaps there’s a task you need to carry out, a new hobby you’d like to try, or an event you need a few extras for….

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Small items

In addition to the individually listed items, we have a selection of small items such as screwdrivers, tape measures, spanners, scissors, cables etc., available to borrow for free depending upon your membership or as a cheap ‘package’.  Just ask, you might be surprised at what we have.

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If there’s something specific you’d like that’s not yet in our inventory please let us know using the form below or by dropping us an email (


We are learning as we go, and if you find some prices too high (we are trying not to) or too low, please give us feedback – we will take it into account when reviewing our prices. And you are welcome to offer more than we ask if you think we are asking too little. Thank you!

Something to donate?

If you have something you’d be willing to donate or lend to add to our collection, we’d be delighted to hear about it – see our Donate page and please get in touch before bringing it along.