Oxford Library of Things Membership gift voucher

Details / Terms and Conditions

  • Vouchers are on sale throughout 2021 and can be purchased as a gift or for yourself.
  • Memberships run for the full stated period of 1, 2 or 3 months once activated and cannot be used in smaller parts.

  • This offer expires at the end of 2021, so activate by the start of October/November/December to get the full usage of a 3/2/1 month voucher.
  • For the recipient using the voucher:
    – When you are ready to start borrowing, go to this link to join and set up your Library membership if you’re a new user. Or sign into your existing Library of Things account here.

    Select “Voucher membership” as your membership type. You can then reserve items to borrow!

    – When you come along to collect your first item you will need to bring (a) your printed or on-screen voucher and (b) proof of your identity and address (if you are a new member) to complete the activation of your membership.

  • Once it it expires, this special membership cannot be renewed so please choose from our standard membership options if you wish to carry on borrowing (unless you have another voucher in your name!).
  • Usual terms of membership apply with the following adjustments:
    – A maximum of 3 items can be borrowed at one time.
    – Items borrowed cannot be renewed (normal late fees apply for items not returned on time).
  • If you have any further questions please get in touch on libraryofthings@shareoxford.org.