Co-organiser for SHARE Oxford Repair Cafés

Why volunteer? “For sustainability and making people see it’s easier to do their bit! And talking to new people”

One of our event organisers

Time CommitmentLocationBenefits
Variable/flexibleVariable (online possible)– Develop communication skills
– Gain repair skills

What’s Involved

Helping to arrange the Repair Café event in advance:

  • Meeting with the Repair Café coordinator

About you

We are looking for people to help to grow and support the ongoing work of our repair cafés, joining our team of staff.

  • You care about reducing waste and keeping items in use
  • You are an organised sort of person
  • You want a relaxed role
  • You want to learn more about SHARE Oxford
  • You need to be able to commit with a reasonable degree of regularity

    We also have an approximately monthly meeting of volunteers, where attendance is encouraged, but not compulsory.

To get involved, please get in touch at:
or alternatively,

or stop by during our opening hours to have a chat.

More About SHARE Oxford & the Library of Things

SHARE Oxford aims to reduce waste and excess consumption through facilitating and encouraging sharing in the community. On the practical level this means having and loaning out useful items (‘Things’) at affordable rates, thereby helping people to buy less, store less, have access to more, and waste less.

However, we have a wider vision, that is to change individuals’ relationship with how they consume just about everything. Ultimately, we seek to challenge people’s perceptions of ownership and our relationship to the Earth’s resources, collaborate with like-minded people and groups, to inspire others to undertake similar initiatives, and to be part of a progression towards a healthier economy and society. We’ll know we’ve achieved this when the majority of people think “how can I share?” before
buying or disposing of anything.