Marketing / Social Media Volunteer for SHARE Oxford, a Library of Things

“I work on projects when I have the time and can fit it in around my other commitments. I use some of my existing skills but I’m also learning new ones too.”

Heather, one of our volunteers

Time CommitmentLocationBenefits
– Variable (largely online), with monthly meetings taking place at Makespace, Oxford / online– Free borrows

What’s Involved

We are looking for new volunteers to help spread the word about SHARE Oxford. These are largely remote and flexible roles with a wide range of possible regular, one-off, or more ambitious tasks. You can choose whichever parts suit you and your availability and contribute your own ideas and enthusiasm for our cause.

Aims of these roles include: 

  • Advertising our semi-regular Repair Café events;
  • Getting the word out about the Library of Things to increase our membership;
  • Keeping in touch with Library members and finding ways to encourage them to keep borrowing;
  • Inspiring others and encouraging waste reduction efforts more widely, particularly through sharing and repairing.

Specific roles could include:

  • Marketing coordinator extraordinaire – keeping track of marketing ideas and plans, and helping to liaise with other volunteers to achieve our aims.
  • Repair Café marketing ninja – creating and scheduling a variety of regular social media posts in the run up to each event, and advertising through other channels.
  • Social media guru – creating content and scheduling posts for our facebook, twitter and instagram, as well as following other Libraries / Repair Cafés and similar environmental groups/issues and sharing useful and interesting items with our followers.
  • Campaign aficionado – researching and producing blogs, advertising campaigns and similar material related to reducing waste through sharing and repairing, e.g. in relation to popular occasions/celebrations.

About you

  • You might have design, media or social media experience
  • You would like to use your existing skills and develop more
  • You would probably be expecting a fairly flexible role, but you could also take on a well-defined set of tasks if preferred
  • You will be proactive and bring new ideas
  • You want to contribute to a relatively new venture
  • Ideally you need to be able to commit reasonably long-term

    We have an approximately monthly meeting of volunteers, where attendance is encouraged, but not compulsory.

To get involved, please get in touch at:

or stop by during our opening hours to have a chat.

More About SHARE Oxford & the Library of Things

SHARE Oxford aims to reduce waste and excess consumption through facilitating and encouraging sharing in the community. On the practical level this means having and loaning out useful items (‘Things’) at affordable rates, thereby helping people to buy less, store less, have access to more, and waste less.

However, we have a wider vision, that is to change individuals’ relationship with how they consume just about everything. Ultimately, we seek to challenge people’s perceptions of ownership and our relationship to the Earth’s resources, collaborate with like-minded people and groups, to inspire others to undertake similar initiatives, and to be part of a progression towards a healthier economy and society. We’ll know we’ve achieved this when the majority of people think “how can I share?” before
buying or disposing of anything.