Membership and borrowing

To find out more about the concept of a Library of Things and the aims behind it, see our mission page.

We aim to make the cost of borrowing things from SHARE Oxford affordable for anyone.

We have a free membership option but we will also be encouraging people to pay for membership where possible. The advantages of paid membership to you are that you will get a reduced rate on your borrowing and will be ‘one of us’. The advantages to us are that it improves our regular cash flow to help us improve and expand the Library, and that you will be ‘one of us’!

Membership Options

Pay As You Go:

You can sign up for a free PAYG membership by just showing us some photo ID and a proof of address. You will pay no membership charge and will pay the full price for borrowing each item you’d like.

Supporter borrowing : you don’t have to prove that you can only afford to pay our low rates, that’s why we want to keep them low. But if you can afford to pay more than the quoted cost of borrowing any item, we would love you to volunteer to pay a ‘supporter’ surplus.

Monthly membership:

£8 / month (that’s only £2 / week), for which you get a 20% discount on your borrowings. You can also borrow our small items (screwdrivers, scissors etc) for free.

You will sign up for a single month and we will inform you when the next payment is due. No refunds on part-months, sorry.

Annual membership:

£75 / year (= less than 10 monthly membership payments), for which you get a 40% discount on your borrowings. Items that cost £3 or less to borrow are free – up to three items at a time; and you get to borrow our small items (screwdrivers, scissors etc) for free.

You will sign up for one year and we will remind you when the next payment is due should you wish to renew. No refunds on part-years, sorry.

Supporter member – annual membership plus what you like :

If you are able and would like to offer us additional support, you can offer an extra payment on top of the stated fee. You will of course get all the benefits of annual membership, and we will get the benefit of that bit extra to get us going and later to keep us going. We would be very grateful!

Click here to sign up!

Please note: we may have to revise membership levels and rates as we find out how well it’s all working. Please bear with us while we get going and we will do our best to be fair and transparent – rates may go up or down…