Repair Cafe Coordinator (volunteer)

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a reliable and organised volunteer to lead on the organising and delivery of our bi-monthly, buzzing repair cafes, working in collaboration with the wider SHARE Oxford volunteer team. 

While you can shape the role to suit your style and that of fellow volunteers, responsibilities include:

  • managing email correspondence
  • co-working with the wider volunteer team on our Trello Project management platform
  • raising and chairing volunteer meetings
  • ensuring publicity of events by liaising with publicity volunteers
  • ensuring that equipment and facilities are in place for the event
  • general event supervision
  • ensure data reporting to our parent or partner organisations

We expect the role should take approximately 6-8 hour per week on a flexible basis. Training is available from our current coordinator.

Why volunteer with us?

If like us, you are passionate about saving waste, want to make sharing and repairing easier, increase access to good quality things so that we may reduce consumption and waste, save money, save the environment, and feel good about it… you are our ideal candidate!

You will benefit from experience in a coordinator role with a vibrant, diverse, skilled and caring community. Benefits also include discounted borrowing rates from the library, and free access to repair attempts.

About SHARE Oxford & Repair Cafés

SHARE Oxford is a community action group under the CAG Oxfordshire Network. Our mission is to work towards creating a culture of waste prevention and towards healthy economic production and consumption!

We run a Library of Things and our popular and exciting repair cafes, launched in February 2019. This enables people to borrow instead of buy items which are only occasionally needed, such as outdoor, domestic, cooking equipment and more. The Library of Things encourages – and facilitates – the avoidance of waste, and saves space, money, and the environment. 

We also run volunteer-let, bi-monthly repair cafe events for people to bring things which need some TLC, are perhaps a bit broken and you haven’t had the time or skills to fix them. We have a mix of experts and beginners all willing to get stuck in so that they may keep their repair skills and knowledge alive, share it with us, save money and reduce our resource consumption footprint. 

Ultimately we seek:

  • to challenge people’s perceptions of ownership and our relationship to the Earth’s resources,
  • to inspire others to undertake similar initiatives,
  • to collaborate with like-minded people and groups,
  • to be part of the progression towards a healthier economy and society, and
  • to alleviate the modern day pressure on personal finances

Interested in the role? Email us at