Share More – Waste Less

Libraries and other borrowing services

We’re not the only Library in town!

Other ways to get things you need more sustainably

What do you need?ToolsBooks
Borrow from friends, family, colleagues, classmates, neighboursxxxx
Join your local good old-fashioned book library!x
Use a commercial hire shopxxx
Universities/colleges lend some itemsx
Buy second-hand from charity shops or onlinexxxx
Up-cycle or repurpose what you already havexxx
Get other people’s surplus items for free on Freegle, Facebook (e.g. “pass it on” groups) or at a swap shopxxxxx
Save surplus food via Community Fridges (inc. Botley, Jericho, Blackbird Leys) or Olio appx
Buy up-cycled or recycled itemsxxx
Buy local and zero-waste where possible, e.g. farmers’ markets, veg boxes or zero-waste shops.x

Share things you’re not using

  • If you have things to spare consider sharing them via the options above!
  • Got too many things but need help a little help to declutter? Check out ClearSpaceForMe