Don’t you hate it when you have to buy something just to use it for one occasion? It’s bad for your wallet, your space, and the environment.

Oxford’s Library of Things has the answer! We have All Sorts of Things you can borrow whenever you need them, then return for someone else to use. And now we even have a special offer for you….

£5 OFF
your first borrow

To claim your money off:

  1. Sign up (you can choose our free PAYG option if you wish).
  2. Reserve one or more items to be taken out and returned before 31st December 2019.
  3. When you come along to collect your item(s), just show your student card and mention this offer.

…That’s it!


  • Discount will apply to a maximum of £5 across your first basket of items. If total value of booked items is less than £5 your borrow will be free.
  • New members only. One use per person.

Click here to browse the library and sign up!