Vision and Mission

“Our mission is to help build a culture of waste prevention, supporting healthy economic production and consumption”.

Image source: pixabay

A Library of Things (LoT) enables people to borrow instead of buying items which they only need occasionally, such as DIY tools, outdoors and sports gear, domestic and cooking equipment, games etc. This helps avoid waste, and saves space, money, and the environment.

SHARE Oxford aims to play our part in moving society to a lower-consumption, lower waste economy including:

  • offering a valuable sharing service for a wide range of useful things in our LoT,
  • helping people repair and maintain things they love and learn these skills through our repair cafés,
  • promoting and supporting others repairing, sharing and reducing waste in our community,
  • inspiring others to undertake similar initiatives,
  • collaborating with like-minded people and groups, and
  • alleviating the modern day pressure on personal finances

As a volunteer-run community interest company, we seek to work together with and learn from members. We encourage members to participate in the functioning of the LoT and become advocates for it and the ideas that underpin it. Through this ‘community of borrowers’, we want to enable people to come together to share, borrow, meet like-minded people, and learn about sustainability, zero-waste, the circular economy and the sharing economy. In additional, volunteering with us is a great opportunity to shape the direction of SHARE Oxford, make a difference in your community and develop your own skills and opportunities.

By bringing people together, as well as achieving our mission of reducing waste, we hope to find our place within the various communities across Oxford and strengthen those communities.