Voluntary trustee positions

SHARE Oxford runs a Library of Things and, when we are allowed, regular Repair Cafés.

In the Library, as with a book library, you can sign up as a member and borrow your item for as long as you need before returning it for someone else to be able to borrow it. We don’t lend out books but a grand array of ‘things’: DIY and gardening tools, hobby items, party particulars, kitchen gizmos, camping gear … the list goes on.

In the Repair Cafés, volunteers work with people to repair items they own, and it’s a social activity too. We aspire not only to save waste and money but to encourage people to look at and look after their things differently.

We care passionately about delivering environmental, economic and social impacts. By shifting behaviours from individual consumption and ownership to those based on borrowing and sharing we reduce waste, reduce pollution, save people money, save them space in their own homes and cultivate community. 

Share Oxford has been in operation since early 2019 and was registered as a Community Interest Company in early 2020. It flourished in its first year and a second year through the pandemic, and is both growing and also trying to establish itself more fully, including as a community action group.

You can read our 2019-2020 Annual Impact Report at shareoxford.org/about-us/impact-report/

Role overview

SHARE Oxford is run by a group of volunteers, including a project coordinator. We have from the beginning thought that we would need a group of interested people who would:

  • help with the strategic direction of SHARE Oxford
  • provide accountability for the coordinator and the volunteers
  • bring specific expertise where needed
  • represent SHARE Oxford to external stakeholders where possible

We are calling this group Trustees. Members will get involved with the strategic development of the organisation and may take on specific roles to support the staff team. We are specifically seeking people with skills in any of the following areas:

  • Social enterprise governance
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Fundraising

To have at least one of these positions covered by somebody who has previous experience of establishing a community action group or a social enterprise would be invaluable.


This is a great opportunity to make a tangible difference not only in Oxford, but further afield too; SHARE Oxford is part of a growing informal network of Tool Libraries, Libraries of Things and Repair Cafés. We share with them putting into practice ideas that are conceptualised as the circular economy, the sharing economy, zero waste, minimalism, and more.

If you’d like to be part of the journey, can you commit:

  • 1-2 hours a month?
  • Meet every two months?
  • Attend at least one of our events a year or come to the Library twice a year?
  • Represent SHARE across Oxford?

To find out more please email us at libraryofthings@shareoxford.org

We intend to hold our Annual General Meeting in mid-May and invite anyone interested to join us there as a stage in taking on one of these roles.