Donate Things

We are extremely grateful to the people who donate Things they no longer need to the Library, and we’re keen to help you pass on more stuff you don’t need to good causes. If you’re looking to give Things a new home, here are some options!

Community Sharing facebook group

Our Community Sharing facebook group is a place where community groups and charities can request Things, and we can donate or help source them.

Donate to the Library of Things

We appreciate all offers of good quality new or second-hand Things for the Library. With limited space we need to be selective and cannot accept all donations so please contact us before bringing your potential donation along.

We stock the library with Things people only need to use occasionally, with a focus on tools and equipment which benefit from us looking after them. The table below lists the ranges we’re focusing on and Things we’re looking out for:

DIY & CraftsGardeningOutdoors & CampingDomestic & CleaningEntertainingTechnology
Dust sheetsLong-lasting battery-powered tools (strimmer, mower etc)Camp bedModern sewing machineMore Gazebos!USB-C charger for laptops etc
Log splitterBrushcutter (strimmer with blade rather than string)Folding camping tablesKnife sharpenerPortable PA system (battery powered)Energy Usage Monitor
Metal detectorTorches & head torchesSewing scissorsGarden gamesAir quality monitor
Glass bottle cutterSugar thermometerGuitar amp lead
WhetstoneInduction Hob Converter PlateMicrophone with phone lead for our DJ speaker
Rotating mount for our glitter ball

Candy Floss Maker

Please email us at or call 07410 942204 to talk about your possible donation.

Organisations to donate to

We are collating a directory of places you can donate different kinds of Thing. If you’d like to be added, please let Ben know at

In the mean time, this blog post mentions a few examples of local charities who will be grateful for donations of IT, household equipment.