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We are passionate about saving waste.
We aim to make sharing easier, to increase access to good quality things so that we may reduce consumption and waste, save money, save the environment, and feel good about it.

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What we do

We launched a Library of Things in Feb 2019,
enabling you to borrow instead of buy items
needed only occasionally,
such as outdoor, domestic, cooking equipment and more.

What is a Library of things?
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We run regular Repair Cafés, where our volunteers fix your broken items to keep them in use for longer.

Next event: Sunday 12th May 2019
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We have Volunteering opportunities!

We’re currently looking for a finance and accounts volunteer, library/inventory volunteers and repairers. Read more here.

Help us

Might you have something to donate or lend to the Library…?

We have a growing collection of great things to lend but we can use more! Our priority list of things we would love to have is below (and a longer list here):

Home etc 



Baking equipment

Axe one donated

Craft equipment


Bike maintenance stand one donated by Environmental Sustainability at Oxford

Folding tables and chairs

Camp bed

Dust sheets

Musical instruments

Carpet cleaner got one but we think it will be popular enough to need another

Very long spirit level

Outdoor games

Garden tools

Staple gun


Kitchen gadgets and home appliances

Scaffolding tower

Re-usable glasses, cups, crockery and cutlery for parties got some glasses 

Large pots, pans and baking trays

Stepladder found one

Party accessories

Leaf blower


Pressure washer got one but we think it will be popular enough to need another

Please go to our donate page for more information about what and how you can donate.

Come and see us:

Opening times: We will be in our space on Tuesdays and Thursdays, approximately 4pm-7pm, and Saturdays approximately 1pm-5pm and at other times by prior arrangement. Outside committed opening hours, we advise you to check with us before you travel (call 07410 942204). 

The address is Makespace, 1 Aristotle Lane, OX2 6TP. 


The Library of Things in Oxford has been made possible with the help of various supporters.