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What we do

We aim to help make Oxford a sharing community for the future, tackling the climate emergency and cost of living crisis and forging community bonds with our library of things, repair cafés and online community.

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Library of Things

A community hiring service, with volunteer support and local sponsorship enabling us to hire those things that are normally cheaper to just buy. Let’s make sharing as easy as amazon, accessible to all, and more fun!

Thursday 12:00-18:00 & Saturday 10:00-13:00

Repair Cafés

A free volunteer repair service, fixing your broken stuff and helping you learn how to look after your clothes, bikes, electricals, stopping things going to waste.

Community Sharing

Our facebook group to help support local community groups and charities and find good homes for things you no longer need.

Latest from our blog

Celebrating our 4th birthday!

Thank you to all the volunteers who joined us on Saturday 18th Feb and contributed delicious food for a “pot luck” to celebrate our 4th birthday. It was lovely to take a moment to catch up without busily cleaning gazebos or repairing kitchen appliances! And exciting to imagine what we’ll be celebrating at our 5th…

A new group for “Sharing Black Friday”

Join our facebook group to help organisations find the stuff they need. This year’s Black Friday / Buy Nothing Day seems particularly poignant. COP27’s outcome reminds us how far we have to go in reducing resource usage, yet discounts will be welcome as people make ends meet in a cost-of-living crisis. Personally, seeing 50 former…

New: seed library!

Christine has brought some of her knowledge and passion for nature and gardening to SHARE Oxford, with the addition of a seed library! The aim is to help you share seeds, rewild your garden and grow your own herbs and food. Seeds are free to take and we ask that you donate back any surplus…

Volunteering Opportunities

We are very grateful to everyone who helps us achieve our mission by volunteering to help the Library and Repair Cafés happen. We’re looking go develop our team, in particular to recruit:

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We are very grateful for all financial support or donations of Things. Check out our donate page for more information.

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at Makespace, 1 Aristotle Lane, OX2 6TP

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  • Thursday 12-6pm
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