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I’ve just been in town and there’s a pop-up market selling all sorts of meaningless tat, for christmas I suppose, and getting in before the obscenity of Black Friday. We’ve just had COP26 and yay! we can all look forward to driving electric cars by 2035, or is it 2030 now? but we go on consuming so much unnecessarily.

Talking of Black Friday, for years, since long before Black Friday became a thing in this country, there has been Buy Nothing Day around the start of the big advertising push towards Christmas. It may not sound like fun, but we hope to encourage you to get involved…

Do your bit by resisting the allure of Black Friday and by supporting Buy Nothing Day 2021 on and around November 26th as a detox from consumerism and an opportunity for you to tune into the impact we have on the environment through shopping. People in more than 50 countries around the world will make a pact with themselves to take a break from consumption as a personal experiment or a public statement, and the best thing is – it’s free!!

…and repairing more too

We are again this year doing SHARE Oxford’s bit to combat the consumerism of Black Friday and holding a Repair Café. Our Repair Cafés encourage saving money and resources by keeping the things that you already have going, in preference to throwing them away and replacing them. “The greenest thing is the one you already own”

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Battery operated cars are NOT the answer. Read, read, read….about how they have to be manufactured, how often replaced, recharging (what’s involved), what happens at the end of their relatively short lives. Stop getting on the bandwagon so quickly.

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