Bike delivery update!

We’re really pleased to be partnering with Velocity Cycle Couriers to help us offer a more robust delivery service!

Velocity Cycle Couriers is an Oxfordshire based business launched in 2022 and aiming to normalise the concept of zero carbon delivery. They operate on a fleet of e-cargo bikes and electric vans to safely deliver produce and goods across Oxfordshire in a positive way that is friendly to their customers and to our planet. We’re very grateful to them for trialling a “community” charge with us, aiming between £6 and £10 each way for deliveries in the city depending on what you’re hiring.

We’re also grateful to our volunteers who are happy to jump on our cargo bike to offer this service “in-house” where we can too. As ever, do get in touch if you’d be interested to join our cyclists WhatsApp group!

We can’t offer delivery on all our Things (for example the 4m ladders are too big for the bikes and van, and we’re not able to deliver our petrol equipment as we share the service with local food companies), but we’re looking forward to seeing how it goes and hope this helps make SHARE Oxford more flexible and useful!

If you’d like to find out more about Velocity, do give them a shout at

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