New: seed library!

Christine has brought some of her knowledge and passion for nature and gardening to SHARE Oxford, with the addition of a seed library!

The aim is to help you share seeds, rewild your garden and grow your own herbs and food.

Seeds are free to take and we ask that you donate back any surplus you have at harvest time to help the seed library grow.

We love wildlife friendly plants, herbs and food plants especially.

Christine has set things off with some wildflowers and borage seeds, which are fine to sow now if you’re looking to refresh some bare patches in your garden or would like to add wildflowers to your lawn in time for no-mow May. If you have any excess seeds you’d like to share with the community, we would love to hear from you at, or check out more about how it works on our seed library page.

2 replies on “New: seed library!”

That’s great and I’ll be happy to bring seeds along, for spring sowing – I have a huge load of American Land Cress, which you can also sow late summer for winter greens. Can I caution against sowing now? The soil is getting colder, and damp, and many seeds would probably just rot before they can root, and something like borage, even if it’s already growing now, doesn’t really deliver over winter or last into spring unless it’s very, very sheltered. You get more out of your seeds by waiting till roughly March, I reckon. Obviously weather conditions are no longer as they were, but even so.

Hi Liz, thanks so much! Yes, that’s an excellent point re timings- people are welcome to pick up the seeds whenever, but best to hold off on the sowing part now. I’ve had good results with the wildflower mix Oct/Nov after scarifying but likely at the end of the time for that too.

There’s a lot to learn about how the Seed Library works so it’s great to get the feedback and adapt as we go 🙂


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