New: plant swap!

Building on the popularity of the seed library, Christine has set up a plant swap!

If you’ve got any spare seedlings or small plants which will survive in this sheltered outdoor cabinet, please pot them up (we have some spares in the tray at the bottom of the cabinet, or show off your newspaper pot-making skills) and bring them down. A waterproof note saying what they are will also help people work out what they could use.

And of course, if you would like a plant for your home or garden, do come down and help yourself.

The plant swap lives outside our window at Makespace so come and help yourself or donate plants any time. Or stop by when the Library’s open and test Christine’s plant-identification skills before you grab one!

Christine is always keen to hear feedback and suggestions for this sort of sharing idea, so do reach out to her at with any thoughts or ideas.

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