Might you have something to donate or lend to the Library…?

We would be very grateful for any offers of donations in the following categories that are suitable for the aims of the Library Of Things:

  • DIY
  • Outdoors
  • Sports
  • Leisure
  • Domestic

  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Children’s/babies’
  • Transport
  • what else? – tell us

Items can be second-hand but must be in reasonable or good condition, and we hope you won’t be offended if we have to refuse your donation. We are also open to having items on loan under a Lending Agreement between SHARE Oxford and the owner.

Our priority list of things we want is here (and a longer list here):

Home etcToolsFun
Baking equipmentAngle grinderBoard games
BucketsAxeCraft equipment
Camp bedBike maintenance standFolding tables and chairs
Carpet cleanerDust sheetsJigsaws
Garden toolsLong spirit levelMusical instruments
HosePower toolsOutdoor games
Jump leadsStaple gunProjector
Kitchen gadgets and home appliancesScaffolding towerRe-usable glasses, cups, crockery and cutlery for parties
Large pots, pans and baking traysStepladderParty accessories
Leaf blowerTransformer
Pressure washerWorkbench

Please email us at so we can arrange to talk about your possible donation or loan. Thank you.