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General Data Protection Policy

With the new data protection regulations coming into force in two days time, all organisations within the EU and UK need to at least demonstrate commitment that they are on board of managing the personal data of their stakeholders according to the new rules. The Circular Collective is committed to implementing the necessary changes! We will be shortly migrating away from spreadsheet lists to MailChimp to stay in touch with you, and we will make use of this opportunity to tell you of our upcoming Privacy Policy, of how we intend to use the personal data you provide us with, and ask for your consent to do so. Keep an eye out for the MailChimp invite!

We have a name and a logo!

Part of the sharing / circular economy global movements, once up and running SHARE Oxford will be the place where the members of our community will come together not only to share the Things belonging to the library, to share out their own things, to share skills and knowledge and a good time together, but also a place where people come together to save money, save home space, and to prevent waste via our reuse and repair initiative! Keep an eye out on our new website’s events calendar or look out in these monthly updates for the big opening day.

What’s even more wicked, we have a space too …

in Makespace Oxford, 1 Aristotle Lane, Jericho, OX2 6TR

We are thrilled to be in the middle of a community of neighbours and of sympathetic groups and individuals, working on similar green, artistic and social initiatives. As Makespace themselves say on their facebook page, “Makespace Oxford is a new and affordable workspace and community hub in North Oxford. It is a collaboration between Transition by Design, Aspire Oxford, The Community Action Group Project and Broken Spoke Bike Coop. We are offering subsidised rents to social enterprises, charities and workers cooperatives working on social and environmental justice issues. We are particularly keen to house organisations that need workshop, making, fixing and training spaces which are so difficult to find in Central Oxford. Members will have access to office, meeting and events space in our canalside building in North Oxford. Makespace Oxford will be an exciting community hub including a workshop and maker space, an edible garden, a community cafe and a vibrant network of like-minded organisations!”

Survey findings

Earlier this year we created a survey to ascertain both interest in the potential for a Library of Things in Oxford, and also get some ideas about what ‘Things’ people find the need to borrow, to see where the people with an interest in the LoT live, and more.

47% of those who filled in the survey said they were ‘very interested’ in the LoT, 41% were ‘interested’ and 11% ‘somewhat interested’. Most of the respondents were long-term residents in Oxford, and live – predictably – in OX4, OX2, OX1 and OX3. The most common reasons people gave for why they might want to borrow from the LoT were saving money (89%), saving space (87%), and preventing waste (84%) – a mixture of the practical and the principled.

… for the remainder of this short report, keep an eye on our blog for its publication, or get in touch at

How can I be involved?

Alex and Maurice – the two coordinators of Oxford Circular Collective’s project to set up ‘SHARE Oxford – A Library of Things’ – have been working on multiple fronts such as location search, budgeting, funding, administration and partnerships. Below is a list of areas and role names for which we need help!

Whether you’d be a core, frequent, or occasional volunteer, we’d love to have your skills and passion on board, and to provide you with unique work experience. To find out how to get involved, have a look on this webpage.

Low Carbon Week Oxford

The Big Green Day Out is on the 9th of June in Broad Street in the city centre. We will be having a stall there, so come and visit and talk with us!

There’s also an opportunity to get some work experience with Low Carbon Week Oxford crew with running the Big Green Day out, so If you are interested, contact them at

Why throw away when it could be a very simple repair?!

Alongside the SHARE Oxford project, The Oxford Circular Collective community action group is organising a super-exciting Repair Cafe. Bring your electrical items of all sorts to the Magic Cafe on Magdalen Road on Sunday 17th of June  between 15:00 – 18:00, and enjoy observing our trainee and specialist volunteers attempt to repair your items. If you’re lucky, you’ll be headed back home not only with a tummy full of cake, but also with an extended life for your pre-loved things.


How much will I pay and what sort of membership can I get for the Library of Things?

The Student Consultancy of Oxford University will be helping us for 8 weeks to design our pricing and membership bands, depending on the vision and values of our organisation. We plan to host a public presentation of their findings! There will be a request for a donation at the door. If interested in attending, please register your interest by letting us know of your available dates between by end of 12th of June at

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